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Home Iran at a glance

1. Introduction :

What follows is a vision, mission, core values ​​and goals of the Iranian economy explain the house.

Home Iran with Iranian citizenship as professional associations, non-profit, non-political and that the efforts of a group of thinkers, investors and economic actors of the country to the seminar, synergy and develop cooperation with relevant institutions established three branches has sent over the country's economic problems, and get to a free market economy and competitive attempted to put measures into account and expects underlying growth and prosperity of the private sector and eventually be the country's comprehensive development.

2. Outlook

Home Iranian economy, in his vision of an institution to organize an effective and trusted managers and pioneer for the development of economic, trade, industry, services, mining and agriculture in the national economy will be a constructive and effective interaction. Established the first economic prospects for Iran is at the heart of Iran's economy has been the home and inspiration will be involved in the organization.

3. Goals and mission

1. Provide assistance to Iran's economy would achieve Vision 1404 with the approach of constructive engagement with regional economy and the international economy.

2. Effective communication with all three branches through the provision of advice on economic issues five-year development plans, annual budgets, bills and designs for the Protection of production, trade and services

3. Contact and Majlis Research Center research centers, universities, national and international scientific community in order to conclude a memorandum of cooperation and join the community to exchange scientific and practical

4. cooperate with activists, scientists and economic experts on the Iranian economy through the implementation of cooperation agreements further the goals of houses and workshops on scientific, educational and economic analysis of the developments and events in order to interact with the audience and to monitor macroeconomic indicators

6. Regularly reflecting expectations of economic actors into three branches, relying on scientific surveys

4. core values:

1. adhere to the rules and policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran

2. sincere service to the national economy

3. Paypndy to healthy competition in the field of economic and social

4. garner support economic organizations

5. Belief in the health business ethics

6. participation in decision-making and decision-making professional, scientific and innovative in the context of the national economy

7. non-political and scientific support activities with an emphasis on practical initiatives and measures

8. The participation of members of the centers of decision-making and decision-making and respect for collective wisdom

9. Respect for national and international scientific and cultural studies scholars and experts in Islamic economics.

5. Strategies:

1. interaction with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and other ministries and economic institutions, universities, research centers and other relevant authorities with the activities of Home Economics

2. Welcomes the cooperation of the government and government agencies and legislative codification of economic development policies.

3. Engage with government and economic sectors and national organizations in order to preserve the rights of activists

4. Monitoring progress of continuous economic growth, stable and accelerated the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

5. Economic Conference at the national, regional and international laws and regulations of the country

6. encourage teachers and students to choose courses Graduate Thesis Among the issues, problems and economic concerns issued by the home economy with applied research approach

7. engage and cooperate with the authorities in developing the economic bills and legislative initiatives

8. Engage with stakeholders in advancing the implementation of laws on Economic Affairs

9. Welcomes the formation of economic organizations and cooperate with them in order to advance the technical and economic growth targets

10. 'support for international investment for productive activities to meet the criteria of the current export country

11. help make the financial markets and companies active in the capital market for the purpose of funding entrepreneurs

12-glorification and appreciation of the services intellectuals and entrepreneurs, selected and introduced by top economists annually

13-conducted periodic visits home Policy Council of the Iranian economy with effective institutions in the country's economic developments

14. Seminar regular meetings for members with business executives and academics

15. The provision of youth participation in the economy by pursuing policy incentives

16. The necessary cooperation to help create productive employment and reducing unemployment

17. The monthly publication and news bulletins to reflect the activities of home economy

6. Statute:

Chapter One: name, time, type, nationality, headquarters, capital, object and purpose

Article 1: Name of Institute: Home Economics Iranians are proud that in this Statute to brief the house is called, has an independent legal personality, that in order to realize the goals set forth in the statute law is formed and type of non-commercial, non-profit and citizenship Iranian.

Article 2: House of recorded history for an unlimited duration.

Article 4: The capital of ten million rials, which is one hundred percent is paid by the Institute.

Article 5: Subject and objectives:

Study on how to improve productivity in manufacturing units and communicate with academic centers, business

Provide methods of economics, practical, modern, sophisticated, classic as well as consulting various industrial and mineral sectors and categories of business to maximize the value added of the industrial and mining activity, trade

Cooperation and consultation in the development of industry, mining and the economy and increasing the role and contribution of the mining industry in production and employment and the economy

Members support the real, legal and association and member associations and their members


Help increase per capita income by increasing industrial output and mineral

Promotion of the mining industry in the country to determine the importance and role of the mining industry in the national economy

Strengthening the role of the mining industry and the export of metals and minerals useful and effective in domestic and international markets and any advantage of internal, regional and international organizations to strengthen industrial, scientific and technological industries and mines

Strengthen the mining industry and professional groups realize their participation in economic and social development programs

Adopt the necessary decisions in order to Shnasanydn and macroeconomic policy and strategies

Trying to create a competitive field of industrial goods such as quality, price and delivery Kmytryal donation and all materials related to the production of timely follow-up services

Cooperation in the field of modern methods of production

Efforts to improve investment in production as well as attracting manufacturers in professional associations

Note A: If you need to obtain a license for any of the above activities, home to the authorization of the competent authorities will take action.

Chapter II of the pillars of the house

Article 6: the foundations of the house are: Mvss- staff public (ordinary extraordinary) - Board of Examiners Mdyrh-

Article 7: The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the House shall be composed of members of the majority community.

Article 8: duties of institutions:

Completion of documents and incorporating home.

The first general assembly to elect the board of directors and inspectors. After registering authority will be the Board of Directors.

Article 9 The ordinary general assemblies attended by more than half if the quorum is not reached Azarsmyt will be a period of fifteen days to the second phase will be recognized by the presence of at least one third of the members.

Note two: the decisions of the General Assembly by the votes of at least half plus one of those present will be valid

Note three: the board of directors refuses the invitation of the General Assembly, the inspector general assembly can be invited to apply. Also invited inspectors from the public (up to two months after the expiry of the Board of Directors) a quarter of the members can be invited to the General Assembly to take action.

Article 10: The general assembly tasks are as follows.

Review and commenting on reports and inspection and approval of its board of directors.

Review and approval balances and financial statements house.

Selection and approval of board members and auditors.

Or widely circulated local newspaper advertising the house is set in order.

Determine the general policy of the house.

Decisions about partnerships or alliances with other international organizations and institutions.

Uninstall individual or social inspector and introduced the members of the Board of Directors or the legal authorities.

Recommended ratification of and accession to other association or an end to cooperation with other organizations.

Article 11: Extraordinary general assembly held at the invitation of the Board of Directors or Inspectors and powers is as follows.

Suggest reform the constitution.

Suggest dissolution of the House and the members of the Board purification.

Article 12: Extraordinary general meetings will be attended by two-thirds and its Azarsmyt at least half the audience vote shall prevail.

Article 13: The Board and the Ombudsman may be necessary at an extraordinary general assembly will be invited.

Note Four: The distance between the invitation and the date of the General Assembly will be at least 10 and a maximum of 40 days. Invited ads should be included in at least one widely circulated newspaper.

Note Five: In the presence of all members formalities necessary to invite members will not be required.

Article 14: Voting in the General Assemblies shall be public. Except as provided in the Constitution or to the General Assembly decision comes into action.

Article 15: the right to vote in the general assembly can pass on to others. Each member can accept a legal person.

Article 16 board elections and home inspection is carried out by secret ballot in writing.

Article 17: the formation and administration of general meetings by the board consisting of a chairman and a secretary and two observers co-operated. The discussions and decisions of the general assembly set for a meeting and signed by the secretary of the Board of Directors will be meeting. All meetings and list of attendees at the convention announced the election results and certified the election to the Board will be signed.

Board of Directors :

Article 18: The Board is responsible for managing the household and protect the rights and legitimate interests of its members. Board of Directors consists of five members and two substitute members, which for 3 years by the General Assembly from among the members elected by the membership terms and conditions of Article 30 of the Statute of frequent turn their re-election is permitted.

Note Six: meet the requirements of Article 30 of the Statute of the diagnosis of the Board of Directors will be meeting with the Board of BHS.

Seven Note: To determine the new board all previous board members will be held responsible.

Eight Note: Frequent re-election of the board in turn is permitted.

Article 19: Duties and powers of the Board of Directors:

Implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly.

Opening or closing bank accounts and get loans to finance house.

Shopping sales and mortgage or rent movable or immovable property.

Recruitment and selection of judicial authorities dispute resolution or legal counsel.

Collective agreements in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Determine the annual membership fee.

Public invited to submit an annual report to the Assembly and preparation.

The provision of services and facilities to the members.

Formulate internal regulations.

Of the specialized committees.

Article 20: The Board at the first meeting held two weeks after the decisive election of board members, the vote of one chief, one as vice-president and a secretary and a secretary general of a Nfrkhzanhdar were selected

Set the names of those selected for a meeting to inform members and submitted to the competent authority shall also carry out legal formalities.

Article 21: Meetings of the board members recognized by the majority of decisions by majority vote of the members will be valid.

Note No absence at three consecutive meetings and five alternate sessions without valid reason, has resigned from the membership of the Board of Directors and will be a member or members resigned.

Article 22: The Board shall, within two months after receiving a registration certificate in the house and other legal proceedings in the competent authorities, bank account opened in the name of their home.

Article 23 sign all documents and contracts binding Islamic securities by signing two of the four Chairman and Treasurer and Vice Chairman and Secretary-General will retain all property, assets, documents, securities and financial offices he is responsible.

Ten Note: All administrative correspondence and private papers signed by Chairman Vyadbyr with sealed home will be valid.

Article 24 In case of resignation, death or lack of competence of each member and alternate member of the board members, alternates and will vote with priority for the discretion of the Board of Directors appointed the board members vote again.

Eleven Note: If the number of two-thirds of the Members of the Board of Directors For these reasons, modified or replaced all board members re-election will be held.

Article 25: The Board shall board a month before the end of the period of validity of the General Assembly to invite the members of the board.

Article 26: Duties and powers of the Chairman of the Board:

The sessions of the board of directors and the timing of meetings.

Aznvab chairman of the House Financial Officer jointly with Khzanhdarvyky.

Take care of Home Affairs and communicated in the proper implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board Secretary and other officials of the Home

Article 27: The Secretary-General:

Secretariat was responsible for the department and is responsible for the administration and enforcement.

Employment or appointment and dismissal of staff and experts, with the approval of the Board.

Article 28: Duties of Treasurer of the Board of Directors:

Home Financial Officer, together with the Chairman or one Aznvab Chairman of the Board.

Set of financial books and records and the accounts of the banking and debt collection.

Treasurer shall in each case at the request of the inspector, all the offices and financial instruments to address at home put at their disposal.

Preparation and submission of financial reports to the inspector.

Twelve Note: If expiry date of the Board, Treasurer and Chairman and a Vice-Chairman responsible for finance houses to re-election uncertainty will continue to charge.

Address books and papers and financial records

Members Complaints

If the General Assembly to invite the Assembly invited by the board.

Preparation and submission of report to the General Assembly

Article 30: Terms of electing the members of the Board of Directors:

No criminal conviction is that deprivation of social rights.

Known as Hassan integrity

Religiosity in one of the official religions.

Member of the board of directors or senior managers or between production units, industrial, mining, engineering services, consulting firms and contractor mining industry, with the introduction of commercial business unit

Having a condition of membership

Graduated in the fields of Engineering, Management, Engineering, Basic Sciences from the University Haya higher education institutions with at least an associate degree.

At least three years of managerial work in industrial units, technical and engineering services business trade by offering documentation.

Card offer permanent exemption from military service or service for men

Payment of annual fee.

Article 31: All managers of industrial, mining, commercial trade, export technical and engineering services, the cooperative can become a member of the main house.

Chapter III: Membership and funds

Article 32: Legal members: all firms (firms) and professional associations mining industry, trade and export with the introduction of its representative can become a member of the main house.

Article 33 actual members, including all managers and those working in industry, mining, trade and export of main homes become a member.

Thirteen Note: Each member has one vote in the assemblies.

Fourteen Note: official members and other specific requirements in terms of regulations that will honor it was prepared and approved by the board.

Article 34: conditions of membership suspension or withdrawal of membership from Members:

The opinions issued by the Court of Justice about the denial of civil rights for members

Recognize the disqualification of members by the Board of Directors.

Article 35: Funding homes following:

Members in their abilities and powers voluntary donations and other gifts

Annual membership fee for members

Other receivables for providing services to members and other institutions and organizations.

Monetary easing and bank financing.

Article 36: All members of the household are required each year their dues to the bank receipt of deposit account their homes.

Fifteen Note: The board can finance home house outside the limits of this Constitution consumption.

Chapter Four: Dissolution and regulations

Article 37: Dissolution and regulations

Based on the decisions taken by the extraordinary general meeting

According to the decision of the competent law enforcement

Article 38: This statute was set at thirty-eight female and fifteen additional addendum. And in cases where it is not mentioned in accordance with the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran's constitution and laws and the reform bill will be trade.

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